Strawberry, Awake!!!

A wonderful thing happened to me on the way to the Walmart produce section: I passed the cereal asile. It was on this asile that I met my new love...

No it is not a man, nor dog, nor new color. It is STRAWBERRY AWAKE, the Great Value generic version of Special K with Red Berries.

Strawberry Awake! Strawberry... Awake???? So many different ways to say it, only one way to enjoy it: Tremendously!

Yes, I bought a box of Strawberry Awake based purely on the name, but it turned out to be a good investment because not only does this cereal have the best, happy-fun-time-sunshine name it also tastes better than Red Berries.

Now when I wake up, I say to myself "Strawberry, Awake!" and I am suddenly perky, awake, and covered in red glitter and have the super power to make everyone smile ready to get my day started with a bowl of this nonsense.

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