What I wore on 12/11/11

(Sitting on my mime chair, just chillin' like how I do...)
I put this outfit together for a solo Sunday bike ride. When riding my bike just for the sake of riding my bike, I wear jeggings. When I wear skirts and ride my bike, I have to spend too much time concentrating on not flashing people. So I only do the skirt thing if I'm riding to work or to see friends.

Here's what I wore to ride:

Yellow Picnic Tablecloth Shirt: I like wearing yellow. Did you know that yellow and gray were Lucille Ball's favorite color combo? She always decorated her homes in yellow and gray.

I got this top at Old Navy. It's really sheer, so I have to be careful what bra I pair it with. In this shot, I'm wearing a yellow Ah-Bra that my aunt bought for me at Walgreens. It's like a sports bra, but less constricting. I also have them in orange, black, nude, burgundy, gray, and white. You can layer them, it's pretty nifty.

Periwinkle Cardigan: I love this cardi. Mostly because it's labeled size petite small. I have and will never be a petite small. I am 5'9 and the opposite of small. I also love it because of the color and fit. This cardi is flattering to my shape and skin tone. I think Mama got it for me at Target...

The shoes are Converse All-Stars. This is my first pair of Converse since high school. I was looking for a shoe to replace my Keds this summer when I found these Chuck Taylors in the Ladies Footlocker in the Glendale Galleria. I liked them because they don't have the white toe cap that most Converse have, so they have a kind of Ked/Vans vibe, but with Converse sensibilities. Feels great to be back in Converse.

Gray sneakers go with everything.

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