So about how I announced my age over a mic to an entire bar last night...

(Eye-Witness Photo. Yes, that's the actual mic in question.)
Remind me to stay home. When I go out, I embarrass myself.


I went out to celebrate my birthday with my girlfriends last night. We were at Blue Nile watching The Soul Rebels perform when the band called up all of the birthday people on to the stage. Six Sagittariuses, including me, hop on stage. How awesome is that?!?! (PS, there are a lot of December babies... or liars...)

After they sing/trumpet the first verse of Happy Birthday, they start singing new lyrics I've never heard: "How old are you now, how old are you now?" At this point, the band member next to me leans over and asks me "So how old are you today?"
"Twenty-seven. Shhhh!" I replied.... in to an OPEN MIC.

Keep reading to see VIDEO of the event....

Yup. I announced it to the entire bar. And I didn't even realize I had done so until people from the crowd started coming over later to tell me I don't look my age. At least if I had known people had heard me, I could have hammed it up or something... the quiet, unknown embarrassment is really the worst kind.

I'm not embarrassed of my age. I'm hoping to get a lot older than this... I just should have used my birthday wish to ask to be more suave. It's hard going through life as a cute bull in a china shop suffering from the croutonic plague and foot-in-mouth syndrome. But it was still the best bday ever!


In honor of me shhh-ing the crowd to secrecy, here's a video of me onstage (with the worst audio of all time).

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