Nintendo 3DS - I need you because I need 3D Tetris

My dreams just came true: Tetris Axis.


Yesh, bitches, life now contains muthafleecing 3D Tetris!

I only see as far as I do for I stand on the shoulders of giant nerds!

Quick point of reference about me: I've only ever loved two video games in my life. I mean truly, obsessively compulsively LOVED. Those games:  Tetris and Dr. Mario.

Yes there have been other games. Max and I own Nintendo DS systems, and we would totally play some awesome minigames, and of course as an Xbox-er I own the super calming Tetris Splash. Portal2 was awesome, too. (I'm not counting iPhone games in this, of course.)

But Dr. Mario was never as popular as Tetris, and it kind of fizzled out. Too bad, because you know I was dropping HELLA viruses. I was amazeballs at it. I was even harder to beat than I was in Tetris.

And you know I'm the Tetris QUEEN. In my heyday (when I would have Tetris dreams every night and play Tetris on the DS every day) I was undefeated. Only the crazy 12 year olds in online multiplayer mode could touch me... sometimes.

So yes, I said goodbye to Dr. Mario but I still had a lover and a friend in Tetris. Ew...

Cut to: My 27th birthday. I am skyping w/ Max and he casually mentions that Tetris 3D is a thing.


You can imagine I was pretty excited. The only roadblock now is the $170 price tag on the Nintendo 3DS... but give me a few months and it will be mine. Oh yes. It will be mine.

And then I will never sleep again. All there will be will be Tetris.