The Freezer, Your Jeans, and My Pantyhose

The freezer is a useful tool for the fashionable. (Ha. I said tool.)

For example, did you know that freezing and then slowly defrosting your pantyhose will make it less likely to run? You can also use your freezer to refresh and de-germ your jeans without having to get them wet.  Here's how to do it:
There's something about the way the molecules in nylon are strengthened by first being frozen and then by slowly getting thawed that allows pantyhose to withstand more pressure (and thus run less). Put on your teal lab coat and give this a try:

First, wet your NEW pantyhose and place in a plastic bag. Freeze until solid. Then, remove the pantyhose from the bag and let them thaw overnight in a sink or tub filled with cold water. In the AM, hang 'em up till they are dry. Then wear them to work to cover up all the bruises on your shins from softball practice (am I right, ladies?)... after that, you can keep the (dry) pantyhose in a bag the freezer between wears, but I think that's overkill.

I normally avoid jeans all together, but I have always LOVED leggings and thus I have started dabbling in the world of jeggings. I wish jeggings had existed when I was in middle school. I always wanted to wear jeans and fit in, but I hated the feeling of 100% cotton denim. So stiff. Yuck. Nowadays, denim has lots of lycra and spandex woven in to make jeans more stretchy.

The problem is that the less cotton in your jeans, the faster they lose their shape. So chances are that the jeans you look your best in, the ones that are permanently and perfectly molded to your butt, have a high percentage of cotton. And what happens to cotton when you wash it? It shrinks. And then you have to warm up your jeans by walking around your house like a spider on the moon- stretching out your legs real wide and real slow, making circles around the sofa, hoping that the feeling comes back to your thighs when you peel the pants off later.

Too bad you didn't read this blog before you washed your precious GAP long and leans. Because if you had, you would have know that instead of crossing your fingers and tossing your baby blues into the dryer you could have just tossed 'em into your freezer overnight instead. See, any germs on your jeans will not be able to survive a night in the land that auto-defrost forgot. In the morning, your jeans will be germ free and still fit like always. (Put them in a plastic bag before freezing.)

Of course, if you spill ketchup all over your jeans, the freezer isn't gonna do shit for you. So carry a Tide-To-Go pen, always wear a poncho when eating, and look before you sit when you're on the subway.

Freeze away, my fashionable friends!

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