Pegucy Bundcardo and the Haunted Mall - Chapter One

I walked in to Target (which is generally a very RED store) and I noticed that there was an overwhelming amount of TEAL on their shelves this season. Everywhere I looked, teal items were jumping out at me. Toasters, hangers, sweaters, sheets, picnic sets, hair driers- all teal. And then it hit me... teal is trending. Not sure how I feel about that yet, so: shit and/or yay... I'll have to get back to you on that one.

You ever have one of those moments in life when you can pick out one particular color everywhere you look? Like, you're stopped at a traffic light and you realize that you can spot 19 different things that are pistachio green? Sometimes I feel like I'm one of the kids from Ghost Writer, only instead of letters popping out of signage to help me solve a mystery, colors and patterns pop out to help me come up with ideas on how to dress like Roy G. Biv's girlfriend.

For the record, I'd rather have the power to solve a mystery with the help of ghosts than dress like Peggy Bundy-meets-Lucy Ricardo, but that's the hand I was dealt... but I guess the real win would be if I could solve mysteries w/ ghosts WHILE DRESSED like Peggy/Lucy Bundy/Ricardo! Hmm... this is giving me an idea...

Pegucy Bundcardo and the Haunted Mall - Chapter One 

Pegucy Bundcardo was applying bright pink press-on nails at her desk when her phone rang.

         "Hello, Pegucy Bundcardo. What can I do for you?"
         "Hello, Miss Bundcardo. My name is Joanne Miller. I am one of the retail managers at Campbell's department store. We arrived this morning to discover that every single cashmere pashmina has been taken. Please, you must come down here and help us figure out who took our merchandise!"
         "That's a very specific thief you have there. Are you certain that the cashmere pashminas were the only items taken?" Pegucy asked.
         "Yes, and I have the video tape to prove it!" said Joanne.
         "Video! If you have the thief on video, what do you need me for?"
         "Well, you may not believe this... but we think it was a... um..."
         "Um what, Miss Miller?"
         "A cashmere pashmina hoarding ghost," replied Joanne. There was a brief pause, and then:
         "Give me thirty minutes. I'd be there in ten, but I have to wait for my nails to dry."

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