Art by Val - Hi Mom!

I think my mom would like to see a little mom-shrine on my blog, so I am presenting her with this:

My doggie Lucy loves my mom. When Lucy visits my mom's house, she always runs right for my mom's bed.

My mom wears white rimmed sunglasses- is it just me, or does Lucy look like she has white rimmed glasses on, too? Looking good, ladies!

I took this picture in Brand Art Park... I'm not sure if that's what it's really called or if that's just what me and my mom call it. There's a library there, but I've only been to the tea house, the art studios, and the playground. I went to summer camp there when I was younger, and I also took a couple art classes (figure drawing and sculture, I think). I remember being friends with a kid there who was the star of a Dunkaroos commercial, and that made him really cool.

There was this urban legend going around camp that the guy who originally owned the park's grounds had gone nuts- or maybe it was his wife that went nuts?... okay, well one of them when nuts and hacked the shit out of err'abody. And. AND. If you looked at the trees in the park, you could still see the slash marks from his/her knife!!

It freaked me out at the time. Haha, I was so stupid. Impressed by the Dunkaroos kid, scared of tree scars.

Whoops! Sorry, Mom! (I bet she wouldn't like me calling myself stupid.) Well... I tried to rewrite it, but that way soundeded the goodest.

Anyway... yay Mom!

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