Small Thoughts on Childhood

Fuzzy memories of childhood
Remember that thing that would happen from time to time in your childhood? 

Where you've fallen asleep on the drive home, and as you're being carried from the car to the house, you wake up just for a second; just long enough to see a glimpse of the lawn, wet from the sprinklers and sparking in the moonlight? 

Getting a ride on someone's shoulders (at a parade, for example) and you never feel like you're going to fall off of the shoulders, but you also feel very wobbly? And then when it's time to get off and walk on your own, how your legs and feet would be all pins and needles?

Remember riding your bike to your friend's house, letting them get their bike, then the two of you would go to the next kid's house and then that friend would hop on a bike, and before long you had a whole crew of kids on bikes? Remember when a whole gang of your friends would show up at your door on their bikes to see if you wanted to ride with them? 

Remember Chinese jump rope? Remember hanging by your knees off of the jungle gym and swinging so you could see sky, then ground, then sky, then ground? 

Remember starring out the window at cars parked out front while you were stuck at home the summer before you had your driver's permit, bored out of your mind and wishing you could just hop in and drive to the mall? 

Remember feeling like you'd never get out of school, and thinking about how you'd spend your entire life in a little desk waiting for a bell to ring?

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