Naming the Colors - Orange You Glad Edition

Signatures: Atomic and Stylistic
Guess what- the fruit orange existed before the color! Imagine a time before the color orange was invented... that'd be so weird!...
*time warp..... to the year 1404, before the color Orange had been named, to a street scene that MIGHT have been!*

"Good day, my lady. Doth thou know the date to-day?" asked the 15th century gentleman to a young woman passing by with a basket of berries freshly plucked from the bushes o'er the yonder hills.

"Why yes, my good sire, todoth's date beith the fifth Monday of the lord's year 1404, the 4th of February," the lady replied quite verbosely to a strange man she had never met before.

"And may I ask you another question?" asked the 15th century gentleman.

"Yes," said the lady, quite quickly. She shouldn't be talking to a man who is not her relative without a chaperone present, per the societal rules of the day.

"What ungodly color hath your garb been dyed?" asked the 15th century gentleman.

"Well," the lady paused quite pregnantly, "there is no name for the color of the dye of my dress."

"What do you mean?" asked the 15th century gentleman.

"I mean to say, it is somewhere between yellow and red but it is neither yellow nor red-"

"Nor is it blue! But I hath not asked what it is not, I hath asked ye what doth isith!" said the 15th century gentleman, in a less than gentlemanly manner.

"It is nothing, it is a shade that has not yet been named!" cried the lady.

"I ask ye again: what color hath thou dyed thy garment? Answerith me, woman!" hissed the 15th century gentleman, as a bit of sour spittle gathered in the corners of his lips.

"There is no name for it, strange gentleman! Tis a new color! One that exists only in the moment where yellow fades to red as the sun sets over the River Th-" and with that he slapped her check. It was the first time a man other than her papa had every touched her skin.

"Witch!" the 15th century gentleman exclaimed, "Witch! Witch! She hath created a new color! Burn her body to see if it floats! Hang her to see if she can swim! She hath doth aught that we shant!"

The lady remained in silent shock, considering for a moment if now she would be forced to marry this strange man since they had made bodily contact... but before the moment passed, the 15th century gentleman produced a small dagger from within his coat and sliced her virgin throat.

"My virgin throat!" the lady gurgled through the blood.

The 15th century gentleman screamed as he watched the devil fabric absorb the definitely red blood that twas spurting from her jugular. Just then, another man approached the 15th century gentleman.

"What hath thou done?" Asked the second 15th century gentleman.

"She wore a garment dyed a color neither yellow nor red but instead somewhere in-betweenith. I used my dagger to cut her throat as she was obviously a witch! Now we must drown her to see if she'll catch afire," replied 15th century gentleman.

"Why, my good man! I've traveled across all the Europe and Asia's mountains by foot and by beast as part of my work as a cartographer, and that hue has only existed in one place! The oriental fruit they call 'orenge' is that strange color as well, and the only other natural thing I've eer seen in that hue. I've definitely never seen another fruit, flower, butterfly, sunset or anything else that particular color!  For certain! Just the fruit," said the second 15th century gentleman

"Perhaps she was a witch after all, for how else could a woman create a color that only our Creator hath produced, and only then in the distant gardens of the Orient?" ask the first 15th century gentleman.

"Indeed! Good work, my good man. Now, let's gather the towne's wagoner to pluck her wretched body from the street and give her a ye olde witch's trial in the cemetery!" cried the second 15th century gentleman.

And so it might have gone... in the time before the color orange had been named.... DUN-dun--DUNNNN!!!!

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