The weekend is winding down.
Sunday is suddenly slipping through our pinkies, and pointers, and middle fingers.

Sleeping late on a Sunday is the superior sweetener for a sour week's work;
yet, sleeping late on a Sunday is the worst way to waste the weekend's waining hours.
And for what? A few whittle winks.
Sleeping late is a waste.

Sleeping late leads to headaches.
Avoidable, predicable headaches.
Avoidable, had he heeded history.
When mister misses his midmorning mocha,
migraines make him miserable.
Sleeping late leads to missing midmorning mochas,
hence the headaches.

I am lying here,
pretending I don't have to pee-
partly because I am dreaming,
partly because I want to stay sleeping,
partly because I am too warm under these covers,
partly because if I stand up now I might not be able to hold it.

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