Teal Sewing Machine! Singer Stylist = Happiness

It was my birthday on Saturday, and my awesome boyfriend, Max, teamed up with his awesome mom to get me a TEAL SEWING MACHINE!

I can't wait to start creating all sorts of awesomeness with my new machine.

Here's my list of must sews:

1) Sock Monsters: I have made Sock Monsters by hand in the past. Everyone loves them, but it took forever to sew them with a needle and tread. Now I can use my Singer Stylist to whip them up for holiday and birthday gifts, and give my carpal tunnel a break!

2) Skirts: Millions of skirts will be made. Minis, full circle, taffeta tutus, pencil, elastic waist bands, zippered skirts (this machine comes with 10 different feet, including zipper feet!), button-up skirts (the machine comes with several button hole options!), long skirts, pleated skirts. I can never have enough skirts!

3) Pillows: Easy to make, useful to have.

4) Kitchen towels/Linen Napkins: They cost so damn much at the store, but now I can make them myself. Same goes for cloth napkins.

5) Quits: Max's mom introduced me to quilting. Can't wait to get into this.  I'll have to do other projects first so I end up with some fun scraps to piece together.

6) Dresses: Once I've mastered skirts, I'll move on to the tricky world of sleeves and collars. Can't wait!

7) Purses and cosmetic bags: Zippers, liners, pockets. Yup, my makeup will be very orgaized!

8) Aprons: For the kitchen, for the office, for the street. I am gunning to make the apron trendy and acceptable.

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