What I wore on 1-12-12

Dear Teal Cardigan,

You are soft and warm, and you go with everything. Just like rice.  And puppies.
In fact, wouldn't life be better if every event involved free rice and puppies?

Dear Hair Clips,

I found you in the hair care asile of Ralph's. I think you were intended to be used on babies, but I reject the slim vision that Goodie had for you. I am confidant that you can also "cute up" grown women, gay teen boys, and poodles.

I also took this full body picture of my outfit because I did think it was a winner (winning), but I was too lazy to get the lighting right, so all you can make out of my look is black on black.

For the record, I'm wearing my teal cadi, a black satin button down (it's covered in mini polkadots) which I've tied at the waist, and paired it with a cross-front cami and my favorite black flute skirt.

To finish it off, I threw on my satin Keds. I loved that my shoes and my top were both satin. It made me feel fancy and sleeky and silky.

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