What I Wore on 12/21/11

(Vacation Outfit!)
Vacation outfit!

Today is Max's birthday, so we are going to have a fun-filled GeekTime. First on our list is walking Lucy. Then, we'll take a walk just us humans to Game Dude. We're checking out DS games and 3DS games for my new 3DS!

After that, we'll continue on to K-Mart to pick up a 2Gb Micro SD card.

(Shoes and Luucee)
Then, we'll go to lunch at Max's favorite place...

EL POLLO LOCO! I like that place despite being vegetarian, so those caps are only slightly sarcastic....

For a day this geeky and fun, I figured I had to dress like a gamer girl meets Pippy Longstocking.

Gamer girls like glitter makeup and cleavage. Check and check.

Pippy Longstocking like braids and dressing like an orphan/pirate/crouton. Check and check.

(Next fun thing we're doing? Mission Impossible in IMAX!)

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