Last Year's Mardi Gras - At last, some evidence it happened!

(Mardi Gras Art Mask)

Keep reading to see all the parade pics you never asked to see!!!
(This cop loved Lucy! So I had to ask for a picture!)
(Cups!!!!!! Score!!!!)

(Lucille Ball float was part of Ponchartain Parade theme 'Name that ball...')

(Free boa = only kind of boa I want)

(St. Patty's day parade... right outside my front door!)

(Hey, look! Drunk people looking at an empty street!)

(Holy shit. Too many drunk people, not enough bathrooms...)

(Creepy St. Paddy's Day parade throws)
(Extraneous pic of Lucy loving parades)

(Masked men on horses... drinking... nothing can go wrong here!)
(Some drunk lady saw us sitting on our front porch and insisted on taking
this picture of us. We look horrible, and I love it!)

(Parades make Lucy thirsty!)

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