St. Maximus - Finger Drummer

I remember being in Spanish class sophomore year in high school with Max (seven years before we started dating). He would always be drumming on his desk with his fingers. Not an annoying kind of tapping like Ricky Ricardo did in that one Hollywood episode of I Love Lucy where the Ricardos and the Mertzs (is that the plural of Mertz?) drive each other crazy with their bad habits. Max's finger drumming was like listening to a real drummer only much, much quieter. He was really good at it.

Of course, at the time (it was the year 2000) it didn't seem like a very useful skill. I had never heard of an electronic pad you could trigger with your finger to play drum beats, trigger samples, etc etc etc.  Now, I understand that his awesome finger drumming skills are not only impressive, but useful. See the video above for an example of how Max might use his Nanokontrol2 in a live show or in the studio.

You know the best part about having a electronic musician for a boyfriend? He plugs his iPhone into the car stereo when we drive and he plays me a live set using magical musical apps. How many chicks can say their boyfriends give them a private concert whenever they're stuck in traffic?

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