The Compact Physician

(Physician, park thyself)

The Compact Physician is probably a small woman with big ideas about beauty. I bet she goes by the name Rosemary Waters and owns a lifestyle consultation business on Melrose Avenue.

She likely wears high heels with platform soles and brags about being able to run in them. I bet she spritzes orange blossom perfume on her baby pink business cards and keeps a single fresh flower in the vase on her desk

I imagine she is a single woman who can fix everyone but herself. I'm picturing her at home alone at night, sitting on her antique hope chest drinking white wine out of a mug, running her fingertips over her cashmere blanket. She might even cry to herself at night, all alone and unhappy. Maybe she's writing a self help book called 'Physician, Heal Thyself' for the successful but single female doctor.  

Working in the beauty business is hard when you don't feel     pretty on the inside.

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