What I Wore on 10-28-2011...

(Bronze me, I'm statuesque) 
T-Shirt: This is a hand me down I got the last time I visited Auntie in Vegas. This shirt is the perfect Mardi Gras shirt. It's got a big rinestone-studded peacock feather running diagonally across it in beautiful traditional New Orleans colors. I can't wait to wear this to some place besides the market.

Cardigan: This is teal button up cardigan was purchased for me by Grandma during the great Express shopping spree of Sept '09.  For the record: When Grandma takes me on shopping sprees like that, I am NOT responsible for anything that is purchased. In those situations, I'm the brake and she's the gas. Obviously, I LOVE getting an entire work wardrobe purchased for me, but it's a complicated transaction...

There are really four different stages I go through whenever my grandma takes me shipping- especially now that I'm a "grown woman" with a "full-time job" who has her "own money". First, I feel guilty that I'm allowing my Grandma to spend whatever money she has on hand (she gets her cash from Auntie, German retribution checks, SSI, and selling her clothing designs at a chic Vegas spa) on me. Then I pretend I don't like anything in the store. Then she brings something over to me and tells me to try it on. Obviously she has an amazing eye (she's a freaking FASHION DESIGNER, hello!) so anything she picks out is gonna look awesome on me. (That is the third stage, for those keeping track at home.)

The final stage of the transaction is my Grandma has now gone and grabbed whatever item she had me try on in EVERY color and print they sell it in and pilled it on the counter. I tell her it's too much and she gets mad, insisting that I REALLY need this stuff or what am I going to wear?!?!? Of couse, I can't let my Grandma be MAD at me, so I let her buy me the loot.

For example, when I was in Vegas on July 4th weekend visiting Auntie and Grandma, I mentioned I had purchased a new bra at Target that I really liked, and so we decided to have some girl time and all go shopping for bras together. Well. Cut to me and Grandma in the Target lingerie section arguing. Grandma wanted to buy me the same bra I just purchased twice more in black and once in nude. I kept insisting that I didn't need the same bra in black THREE TIMES, but she insisted I did. I mean she was pissed that I didn't want to let her buy it for me! So I had to give in- and you know what? Now I love having so many bras!

So I suppose the point of this story is... if a fashionable Hungarian woman insists on purchasing $300 worth of cardigans and wrap dresses at Express for you, just go along with her.

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