What I wore on 10/27/2011...

Tank top: I got this tank at the Gap back in 2000 when I was a sophomore in high school. That was the last time I ever stepped foot in a Gap that I'm willing to cop to. This shirt must have been massed produced because I was watching late night TV once and a commercial came on for a christian children's charity, and a woman walked through the background wearing this exact top. Another time, I was on the 1 train in Manhattan, and a Puerto Rican woman got on wearing it. If anyone reading this also owns this top, please let me know so we can get together and start the official Gap Sunset Tank Society.

Cardigan: Macy's, purchased for me this season by my auntie in Vegas. She's always giving me awesome hand-me-downs and taking me to Macy's and White House/Black Market outlets. She's awesome.

Scarf: Case in point! Auntie gave me this scarf! I never know exactly how to wear this scarf, but it's really pretty, so I keep trying. I think Auntie gave it to me in the first place because she had the same problem.

Boot: Hello, Docs! These are my magical, marvolous, crazy/sexy/cool 20-eye side zip Doc Marten boots I got last winter in New Orleans. I love these. I don't care how butch I look in them, when I wear these I feel awesome. Plus, I usually wear them with my black mini skirt and tights, so I try to balance out their clunkiness as much as I can.

Jeggings: Old Navy. Rock Star Jeggings in indigo wash. Wish they were 4 inches longer and wish I had them in black. (Well, I wish the right leg was 4 inches longer... my left leg is about an inch shorter because of my accident... which is why I walk in large circles!)

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