What I wore today...

Vest- I got this a couple weeks ago at the Old Navy in the Burbank mall, on sale for $10 bucks.

I used to be obsessed with Old Navy, but living in Manhattan made me fall out of love real fast. The amount of people who can crowd into a NYC Old Navy is insane. When I shop for my favorite Pakistani-made jeggings, I like to do it in peace! I've spent this summer back home in Cali, and took the time to stop by the clearance rack. Old Navy has the best deals in clearance! I also got a pair of well made jeggings for $8- after tax!!

Shirt- I got this last summer at H&M at the Americana in Glendale (Glen-DALE!). My grandma washed and shrunk it, so now I have to wear it tied.

I call this look "Safari, so good!"... (Not really!) ... (Okay, maybe I do.)

Yeah, I do.

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