What I wore today...

Cardigan- Purchased for me at the Express @ the Vegas Fashion Show Mall by my famously fashionable grandma.

Cowl Neck Sweater- Ditto ;-)

Skirt- Um... yeah. She must have a shopping problem be the best grandma ever, because she bought this skirt for me at White House/Black market at the other mall in Vegas that we sometimes go to.

Boots- Timberlands purchased on the best website for shoes: endless.com! I got these back when I was a PA and had to trudge all over Manhattan and Greenpoint through one of the worst winters ever like I was the Santa Claus of Deliverables. These boots are good for rain and snow... but are still no match for that evil wintery bitch- ice. Slipped on a frozen patch of ice in front of my entire office wearing these once. (Ah yes, the wintery-mixed adventures of a bull in a china shop.)

Belt- I purchased this black wrap belt at a vintage store back when I used to be OK with shopping at places that smell like a laundry hamper. It's one of the most versatile belts EVER.

Tights- Hue brand, super opaque kind. Purchased at Ricky's in Manhattan. I miss you, Ricky's... You were like Hot Topic meets Sephora meets SuperCuts. In otherwords: Xtra Klassy.

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