Dear Diary, I am bananas

Is it weird that I keep thinking about the fact that I have 6 bananas? I just happened to notice this morning, and now I keep looking over at them and thinking 'there's 6 of you'. I am also thinking about eating a second banana the next time I eat one. Having an even number of bananas is very nice.

Theoretically, since I know I have 6 and will eat 2 bananas for breakfast tomorrow, and I will eat 2 bananas 1.5 hours before my evening jog, and then will eat two again for breakfast on Wednesday, I will be out of bananas before my Wednesday evening jog. I better go shopping before 6pm on Wednesday.

I must admit that eating 4 bananas a day sounds like too much of a good thing. Perhaps I should find someone to help me eat the second and fourth banana?

Or maybe I'll suck it up this time round, and just make sure I buy my bananas in odd numbers in the future.

Two good solutions! I feel better.

Good night, diary. XO

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