Dear Diary, Who is my favorite Yankee?

I really want to buy a Yankees jersey, but the problem is I can't decide what # to wear because I can't choose a favorite Bomber!

When I'm watching a game, I'll see a fan wearing a #2 jersey, and I think to myself 'Hell yeah, Jeter fan! I want a #2 jersey!', but then Swish gets up to bat... and I love Swisher! He looks like a square-jawed bulldog who needs to be adopted. Plus, he is so great on the field- joking and smiling while still acting professionalz, and he has so much love for us fans, and sometimes he wears a mohawk! Now that's a jersey that I wanna wear.

Okay so Swisher is awesome- but can I even say he's my favorite outfielder?! I mean, let's not forget about Gardner. Once he perfects his bunt, he will be an unstoppable baseball machine. He is so effing fast- stealing bases, rushing balls in left field, and he's got a powerful bat, too. The funny thing is, he can look tiny when compared to some of the bigger Yankees but he's 5'10.

And then there's CF Curtis Granderson. I saw his first at-bat as a Yankee last year (it was a home run). After seeing something like that, it's hard to not wanna make him my favorite. Plus, he's always giving back to the community. He seems like a great guy... is he younger than me? Let me google that (hold on)...

Phew. No. He's 3 years older. It's so weird to me that I'm getting to the age where there are pro athletes that are younger than me. (There are probably people reading this right now cursing me for my youth, though... so I have that to help myself feel better!)

But if I compare any of the outfielders to The Captain, can any of them compete with Jeets? I mean, how could I wear any jersey other than Jeter?! All he ever wanted in life was to be a Yankee. He's only ever played for the Yankees. He just passed 3,000 hits this year. He's basically the best yankee of all time...

I can't believe I've gotten this far on my list of favorite Yankees without mentioning Texeria, Cano, Posada, Cervelli, Martin, or any of the pitchers!

Pitchers: Honestly, I'm not totally gaga for any of the pitchers (maybe I'm semi-gaga for AJ, especially when he is about to pie someone being interviewed by Kim Jones!), but I think I'll skip submitting a pitcher's name for the Jersey Short list. Sorry, hurlers :-(

No Posada behind the plate anymore, otherwise he would have been hands-down been my favorite catcher. Posada is still great though, and you have to feel for the guy (going from #2 position to DH is not easy). Now, I can't decide between Cervelli and Martin. I love Cervelli... but Russell Martin has been rocking it as a Yank and he's #55. 5 is my lucky #, and he's sporting two of 'em. That's a jersey that's hard to say no to!

Tex at 1st base is probably the closest jersey competition to Jeter. This dude will drop down into the splits to reach for the ball! Tip of his cleat on the bag, top of his glove clinching the ball. He is really, really good. And a power-hitter, of course.

Cano? Awesome. Another guy who has a lot of fun on the field. Homerun derby champ. Great on the field and on 2nd base. Crazy voice. What's not to love?

One name I'm not throwing in to the jersey soup is #13, Alex Rodriguez. He's a good player- a great player! But for some reason, he doesn't inspire me to wear his name.

Diary, who should I choose?

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  1. My vote is for Mark Teixeira because he looks like a gerber baby on roids. And his eyebrow is a force to be reckoned with. Keep on QUAKE-IN 'em Val!